Dr Jonathan Tate

I am a software architect with software development experience in cyber security, financial services, cyber-physical systems, and academic research.

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Email: jt@jonathantate.net

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Industrial experience

I started my career as a software developer in the public sector, working for the UK government with a focus on network analysis and large scale data processing in a highly security-conscious environment. During this time I began to work with agile software development in an organisation applying CMMI and PRINCE2 project management approaches.

After my PhD I returned to industry, developing software for the financial sector. I spent a number of years at Scott Logic, an independent software consultancy, working on projects for major investment bank clients with a focus on equities and fixed income research. I then worked for Goldman Sachs on various electronic trading systems and research support systems.

After these roles in financial services I returned to the cybersecurity domain, working for BT on projects for cybersecurity analytics, network security device management, the Internet of Things (IoT), Industrial Control Systems (ICS/SCADA), and blockchain applications. I am now working for Amazon Web Services on solution architectures with AWS Partner Network organisations.

I am a Senior Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, and the Cyber Security Lead on the committee of the IEEE UK&I Blockchain Group. I am also a Member of the British Computer Society.

Research experience

I obtained a BSc (1st class) and an MSc by research in Computer Science, both from the University of Durham. During the latter I worked under the supervision of Liz Burd. My thesis title was 'Software process quality models: a comparative evaluation'. My research focussed on software process quality evaluation and modelling, providing mechanisms to assist software development process improvement by measuring the process and tracking changes over time. While completing my MSc, I worked part-time as a Teaching Assistant in the Software Engineering programme.

I completed my PhD at the University of York in the Real-Time Systems Research Group, working under Iain Bate on the Hierarchical System Management for Integrated Modular Systems project sponsored by BAE Systems. My thesis title was 'Principled tuning and structuring methods for sensornets'. My research interests centred on hierarchical system management, energy management, synchronisation, and protocol optimisation, in the context of Wireless Sensor Networks and sensornets. Applications of this work include mobile telecoms, Internet of Things, surveillance, cyber-physical systems, environmental monitoring, and smart healthcare.

My research is published in a number of peer-reviewed academic journals and conference proceedings. These are listed below with links to the full articles and suggested citations. Although I am not currently a full-time researcher, I volunteer my time to TPCs of research conferences and provide peer review for academic journals.

I am a member of the Senior Common Room of St Chad's College, University of Durham, and my Erdős number is 4.

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